About me

Hi, I am Edwin Seah. I worked as a corporate communication specialist for various renowned companies including the Food Industry Asia (FIA) Singapore and as a senior corporate communication role with the Energy Market Authority in Singapore. During the time Edwin handled the entire range of external and internal communication for all the organizations I worked with. With 20 years of expertise in this field, Edwin Seah have covered private, public and non-profit sectors with roles in corporate communications, stakeholder engagement, Public Affairs & Government Relations, Regional Policy, Sustainability, and Strategic Communications

Since Seah work profile requires a thorough understanding of developing, fostering and upholding a corporate identity and its brand image. Edwin have gained insightful knowledge of moulding the organization’s image, communicating with every type of audience, whether it is internal or external and sustaining a positive reputation. Edwin Seah was also nominated for the Singaporean of the year in 2016 by the media for fighting against the Haze that engulfed Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries in 2015. Edwin Seah believe that via corporate communication, clients and customers can give a hand in the growth of the company.